Objectives of the fact based modeling working group

The main objective of the FBM WG is to transfer many years of research and business practice in the domain of semantic modeling to industry to enable industry to develop, reuse and share knowledge effectively.

Acknowledging the existence of fact based modeling methods to produce high quality, validated solutions (e.g. relational database systems), the FBM WG focuses on the means to achieve semantic interoperability between existing modeling notations and tools by incorporating the best of each of them.

For this purpose, the FBM WG has initiated the production of an exchange schema that provides the means for sharing domain specific conceptual data models. This exchange schema will be developed according the the FBM protocol and expressed in each of the notations.

Once the exchange schema has reached enough maturity, including extensive validation and checking with real business users and business modelers, the plan of the FBM WG is to propose this exchange schema for adoption by international standardization organizations.

In order to achieve interoperability with model notations and techniques frequently used in industry, mappings to the most common modeling notations and techniques (e.g. UML, relational, E/R, OWL, XSD) are also in the scope of future activities of the working group.